We at Black Oak Builders take pride in our beautiful full-scale remodel of this one-hundred-year-old farm cabin in south Sebastopol. What used to be a decrepit, falling-apart building has been turned into a lovely guest house through hard work and skilled craftsmanship. While it is currently still a work in progress, our efforts have already vastly improved the aesthetic of the new home, and it will only get more astounding with time. The theme of blues and reds work in a delicate harmony throughout the house, and the decision to use blue slate tiles, blue granite counter-tops, and red birch cabinetry in a seamless blend together radiates the feeling of a calm ocean day in every room. The soft seafoam-blue walls in the bedrooms accentuates this, creating a masterpiece of color.

By swapping the kitchen and the living area, we were able to create a more open living room with a view of the farm. We also added two skylights and dropped the ceiling in the kitchen to bring in natural light. Through adding new windows to the master bedroom, and raising the ceiling in the living room, we created an open feeling. We worked closely with an architect and the owner of the property to construct a truly unique home. While designing, we took into consideration the clients wants and needs, as well as how the house would be used in every day life. We always put the client’s needs first, and try to build something extraordinary in the process.