Custom Commercial Construction

At Black Oak Builders, we have experience with custom commercial construction for our clients who own small businesses. Here you’ll see the interior build we completed in the Nectary at the Barlow in Sebastopol. We incorporated both natural building techniques, such as the Rammed Earth bar wall, and rustic modern design to create a unique…

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We at Black Oak Builders take pride in our beautiful full-scale remodel of this one-hundred-year-old farm cabin in south Sebastopol. What used to be a decrepit, falling-apart building has been turned into a lovely guest house through hard work and skilled craftsmanship. While it is currently still a work in progress, our efforts have already…

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Sebastopol Cabin Remodel Part 1

One of our current construction projects is a full scale remodel of an old farm cabin located in South Sebastopol.  We completely gutted the old cabin and rebuilt it into something truly elegant. The purpose of the home is to serve as a guest house for people working on the local farm.